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We are committed to be your advocate for the health of your skin. Dr. Michael Tomcik, M. D. is a Board-Certified Dermatologist and Fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology.

Experience Counts!

Dr. Michael J. Tomcik, M. D. is a Board Certified Dermatologist with over 38 years of medical practice and more than three decades of experience in laser technology.
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Laser Skin Rejuvination

#1 Anti-aging breakthrough...
laser-skin-rejuvinationRead More About CO2 Plus

Smooths and tightens skin up to 80%, markedly reduces unwanted pigment, decreases pore size.
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Botox Cosmetics

For frown lines, crows feet...
botoxLearn More About Botox

Safely erases lines from following areas: horizontal lines on forehead, vertical lines between the eyes, etc.
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Smart-Lipo(r) laser body sculpting...
liposuctionLearn More About Liposuction
Fat is painlessly melted with SMARTLIPO LASER and the skin is markedly tightened.
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A Big Event Coming Up? Time it Right

Do you have that special event- wedding, reunion, graduation, vacation, etc. coming up and you need to know a good timeline for all those special cosmetic procedures that can make you glow in the happiness of the moment.

Plan a consultation with a board certified dermatologist 4-6 months before the big event. Everyones skin is different individual results and needs will vary.


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Ready for a reunion?

Ready for a graduation?

Ready for a wedding?

Ready for a vacation?
“We are committed to be your advocate for the health of your skin.”

Meet Dr. Michael J. Tomcik, M.D.

Dr. Michael Tomcik, M.D. - Over 38 Years Experience

Do you believe in magic?


Those who meet Michael J. Tomcik, MD, quickly become avid believers.

As an amateur magician, his act will amaze you as he makes objects appear and disappear right before your eyes. As a board certified dermatologist, he's a doctor and a master of high tech procedures. He has the professional expertise and magic touch to literally make skin appear younger and make defects and wrinkles disappear.

Magic, however, has little to do with why Dr. Tomcik's practice has been a success for more than three decades and continues to grow. He attributes his success and reputation to continuous education and training in the latest cosmetic laser technologies and to plain old­fashioned personal care and service.


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