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About the Doctor

Do you believe in magic?

Those who meet Michael J. Tomcik, MD, quickly become avid believers.

As an amateur magician, his act will amaze you as he makes objects appear and disappear right before your eyes. As a board certified dermatologist, he's a doctor and a master of high tech procedures. He has the professional expertise and magic touch to literally make skin appear younger and make defects and wrinkles disappear.

Magic, however, has little to do with why Dr. Tomcik's practice has been a success for more that three decades and continues to grow. He attributes his success and reputation to continuous education and training in the latest cosmetic laser technologies and to plain old ­fashioned personal care and services.

"Ask patients what they want and find the medically appropriate solution," is Dr. Tomcik's basic philosophy. He begins each consultation by asking questions and listening to his patients' concerns. Then he does a complete evaluation. He uses this information to formulate and prescribe the kinds of procedures that will best address the individual's concerns. Prior to any procedure every patient is presented with a recommendation customized to his or her unique needs.

Sometimes time and money are important factors to be considered. Patients can be assured that Dr. Tomcik will help find the treatment program to fit their needs. Dr. Tomcik combines state of the art technology with personalized prescriptions for healthy, glowing skin. The proper combination of these is a primary formula in his success. Margi, one of his patients, put it this way, "If someone's going to enhance my image, I want them to be able to choose from an extensive palette of techniques to paint the picture I envision of myself."

Micro-fractional C02 laser treatments and collagen boosting laser treatments reduce lines and wrinkles, improve skin tone and texture, and decrease acne scarring just like magic. However, Dr. Tomcik's excellent results are actually a thoughtful combination of quality skin preparation, special laser techniques and the latest generation of sunscreens and physician strength products. His unique care program provides his patients with more comfort and better healing than traditional methods. Fear of pain has always been a roadblock to medically assisted self-improvement. A cornerstone of Dr. Tomcik's practice has been to take aggressive measures to minimize discomfort.

"For years, I was afraid to see a dermatologist about removing a mole on my face," remarked Greg, a 45-year-old real estate broker. "After Dr. Tomcik removed it, I realized my fear was about pain and the scar the procedure might leave. Before I knew it, the area was anesthetized and it was off! What a difference! I never thought much about my looks but I must admit I do feel an increased confidence-and in my business you need that edge."

With a firmly established dermatology practice, Dr. Tomcik has expanded his cosmetic services. His professional education is ongoing. He offers his patients a wide choice of treatments and the most advanced and popular procedures. For example, micro­ fractional C02 laser, laser hair reduction, Botox, Dysport, all FDA approved fillers, photofacial IPL, 532 Green light laser, Liposuction with Vaser® Liposelect and physician strength cosmeceuticals are just some of the advanced procedures in his extensive list of cosmetic services.

Physician strength glycolic acid peels and/or the non-chemical mechanical peels called Microdermabrasion, (Diamond Peel) remain one of the most requested treatments. "I refer to Microdermabrasion or glycolic peels as my 'presto peel," says Dr. Tomcik. "The reason this treatment is so popular with both men and women is that they can come in and have it done during their lunch hour. Patients not only receive a helpful anti-aging procedure but they can return to work immediately and with no one the wiser."

Other popular services include Botox and Dysport for dynamic facial wrinkles, IPL (Foto Facial) for the red flushing and blushing discoloration of sun damage and Roseaca. Tumescent Liposuction for surgical improvement of body contours without the need for general anesthesia using the Vaser® Liposelection with ultra sound.

In this day of computer E-mail, Dr. Tomcik talks about how E-minded he is. "My philosophy centers around being B:hical, Sficient, B:tucated, Blthusiastic, and Excellent which makes the entire process enjoyable." This is my formula for "happy medicine." This philosophy is demonstrated each month when he conducts educational seminars to help people learn about and understand cosmetic benefits and procedures.

Dr. Tomcik is a graduate of The Ohio State University College of Medicine. After his internship and during his residency in internal medicine at the University of Miami, he decided to switch to dermatology. He completed a 3-year fellowship in dermatology at the prestigious Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in New York City. He also served as Chief Resident in Dermatology at the St. Luke's Medical Center. Since 1977, he has been an Assistant Clinical Professor of Dermatology at the University of California, San Francisco Medical Center. He is a member of numerous professional organizations including the American Academy of Dermatology and the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery.

Many of Dr. Tomcik's patients have come to him via word of mouth from satisfied patients. Today, however, there is a new word of mouth, the World Wide Web. Now anyone with a computer and modem can learn about Dr. Tomcik and his practice. The web site affords people the opportunity to learn at their leisure about Micro­ Fractional C02 laser, laser hair removal, Collagen Boosting Laser Treatments, IPL (FotoFacial), Botox®, Fillers, glycolic peels and other state of the art procedures and products. Those who would like to visit Dr. Tomcik on "the web" may do so at

Whether at home or abroad, Dr. Tomcik is an active community volunteer. One experience he found especially rewarding and interesting was serving at the Hospital de Ia Familia. He was the first dermatologist to visit this small village in the jungles of Guatemala. "People walked for days to seek treatment," Dr. Tomcik said. "Although poor and deprived by our standards, they're no different that people in more advanced nations. They were just as concerned about acne, moles and improving their appearance. I went prepared to treat exotic jungle diseases, only to find the majority of cases seen were everyday dermatological concerns. I donated my equipment to the hospital and trained the staff to perform minor procedures. This way the care could continue after I'd gone."

As you would expect, on the home front Dr. Tomcik is as busy and happy as in his professional life. Because he is a visual person, it's no surprise that he and his wife share an interest in travel and photography in addition to medicine and magic. They have traveled the world from Europe to Australia to Bora Bora and South America. Since 1968, Dr. Tomcik has taken more than 3,000 artistic photos a year of his travels, family and nature. He has had photography exhibits in Europe as well as in the US and Australia.

Love of design and architecture is another part of his visually oriented interests. Dr. Tomcik has designed two of his homes and is chairman of the architectural review committee in his community. Together with his wife, Connie, he has designed and planned the creative interior of his newly renovated 9,000 sq. ft. office and skin care center. They determined the specifications down to the smallest detail to provide the most comfort and convince for patients and staff. An interesting feature of the design is the use of Feng Shui, an age-old Chinese architectural practice that provides positive energy flow.

His wife, Connie, is an RN and his partner in business as well as home for almost 40 years. They enjoy many of the same pastimes and are actively involved in the local community. Connie also teaches Yoga which they both practice to bring balance and flexibility to their busy schedules. Their friends refer to them as a real sweet M & M couple (dication & ditation). "The sweetest part of our life together," says Dr. Tomcik, "has been the joys we've shared as parents."  They have a 35-year-old daughter, a UC Berkeley graduate, currently a Doctor of Chiropractic in San Francisco, and a son, 30, who has his own web design business in Santa Cruz. Dr. Tomcik sums it all up with "We are truly blessed and grateful for the love we all share."

Michael J. Tomcik, MD combines over 40 years of medical practice and more than a decade of experience in laser technology to provide his patients with outstanding cosmetic dermatologic care. His unique talents are obvious in his ability to listen to each individual's needs and desires. This careful evaluation combined with his knowledge of anatomy, physiology, design and aesthetics gives each patient a distinctive blend of science and artistry. Dr. Tomcik likens his cosmetic dermatology practice to an artist selecting elements from a palette to create "just the right touch" to enhance each patient's appearance and well-being.

Education is an important part of Dr. Tomcik's service and philosophy. He frequently attends and presents professional seminars to maintain his up-to-date medical technology and skills. Dr. Tomcik also offers numerous voluntary services and seminars to the community here at home and abroad.

Dr. Tomcik  is also very active away from the office. He is an accomplished amateur photographer. His skillful images have been exhibited throughout the U.S., Australia and Europe. He has traveled extensively with his family, is an avid reader, and enjoys  skiing, scuba diving, rafting, ocean kayaking and skydiving. He feels his varied interests help him in communicating with his patients about their experiences and needs.

Dr. Tomcik  and his wife, Connie, an RN and co-founder of Advanced Laser & Skin Care Center, have two children, Devin and Kendra.



  • Diplomat American Academy  of Dermatology
  • American Society  for Laser Medicine and Surgery
  • International Society of Cosmetic Laser Surgeons
  • Society  for Investigative Dermatology
  • Congress of California Dermatological Societies
  • North American Society of Phlebology


Continuing Education:

  • Certified in Laser Resurfacing by LaserComp
  • Master in Sclerotherapy by North American Society of Phlebology
  • Certified ENDERMOLOGY TM
  • Facial Rejuvenation with Botox TM  and Chemical Peels by Medical Education Resource, Inc.


Hospital Affiliations:

  • UCSF Medical Center, San Francisco
  • San Ramon Regional Medical Center, San Ramon

Dr. Michael Tomcik, M.D.


Over 38 Years Experience



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