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Final thought for our patients

Some Final Thoughts:

There are many people who say Just grow old gracefully'. The naturalists among us would say to age as healthful and gracefully as we can. There is no question that being healthy is fundamental regardless of your age. Keeping our body healthy and in good repair should be our number one priority. After all we keep our homes and our cars in good repair and condition­ so why not our bodies? Just like a refreshing coat of paint too.

Our home or our car can improve their look and the joy we take in their appearance-why not do a few cosmetically restorative things for your body? Of course it is a decision we all get to make for ourselves. We can choose a little or a lot depending on our disposition. The minimum skin care decision would be to choose a SPF# 30+ sunscreen to wear daily, rain or shine. Although a comprehensive skin care routine with well-formulated cosmeceuticals (it always takes more than one product) can make a huge difference in the appearance of your skin they simply cannot do what cosmetic procedures can do-it just isn't possible. Cosmetic treatments such as lasers Botox and fillers are the only ways to truly shave years off your appearance Even the best skin-care routines and cosmeceuticals have limitations" but there is no question that after a certain time" the combination of a brilliant skin-care routine coupled with corrective procedures is the best solution to looking younger longer. One key factor to having a procedure done sooner rather than later is that it's safer to have any surgeon including cosmetic when you are younger versus older First of all your skin and your body are better able to heal when you are younger. The older you get the longer it takes for the skin to repair and heal itself. Having cosmetic procedures sooner rather than later also is less dramatic when your face is just beginning to show signs of aging as opposed to when you already look older and people have become used to seeing your "older" face and neck. Also considers your expectations. If you expect cosmetic procedures to turn you into a model or a 20 year old version of yourself you will be disappointed because that is not what will happen. Patients who report the greatest satisfaction after cosmetic procedures are the ones who kept their expectation realistic-and did not expect the procedure too magically transform every aspect of their life. They also did it for themselves rather than to please someone else. Cosmetic care and procedures are not about shopping for a bargain. Truth is most procedure costs are all fairly similar. Just remember this is your skin on your body and I'm pretty sure it's the of one you have-so take care of it and find a health care professional with knowledge and experience. There are always risks and unexpected possibilities with any procedure or product. The time of recovery differs individual reactions can be faster or slower any number of things can be different in any one situation. What you want is someone with the experience and compassion to deal with any potential problems that may arise not the cheapest bid available on "groupon''. Any doctor who glosses over risks or downplays your concerns is not one to trust with your appearance and well-being. Another important point is whether or not the doctor is willing to provide enough time for your consultation. There should be no sense of being rushed and you should leave the consultation freeing informed and empowered. Another important point to finding a quaffed dermatologist is to check for board certification with the American Academy of Dermatology. (AAD) Always check online with the aforementioned framed picture of a certificate hanging on the wall has any validity or relevance. In the end whatever you choose is up to you. Your decision should be based on improving how you feel about yourself from the healthy perspective of wanting to look as good as you feel and feel as good as you look. If you are willing to take the time to find the right doctor and keep your expectations realistic then there’s every reason to go for it! Have a wonderful Big Event!


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